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eFun's Nextbook Next5, Next6 now available, likely not the next big tablets


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As you might recall, we weren't exactly head over heels for eFun's new line of tablets when we got our hands on the things at CES. Well, we've yet to see much of the sluggish Next4, but both the Next5 and Next6 have quietly made their way to market. Like we said before, the Next6 is more of an e-reader than a tablet, and the same goes for its sibling. Both sport Android 2.1, 7-inch LCD touchscreens, 800 x 480 displays, and WiFi connectivity -- the Next6 sports 4GB of memory, while the Next5 offers 2GB and a 600MHz dual-core processor, based on the ARM926EJ. We've said it once, and we'll say it again, the best thing about these slabs is probably the price: the Next5 rings in at $200 and the Next6 at $230. But feel free to judge for yourself -- both are currently in stock at the source link below.

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