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Player help system added to City of Heroes

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're looking for a game that's friendly to new players, you could do far worse than City of Heroes. After all, it's friendly to groups or solo players, has a plethora of powers and archetypes available for every playstyle, and offers a broad range of content for everyone. But it can also be intimidating, what with seven years of backlog. That's why among its many other features, Issue 20 included a brand-new player mentoring system to help new players find the help they need.

Players who log on for the first time since the patch launch will see a dialog box with three options -- "Helper," "Help Me!" or "Neither." The last category is an opt out, but choosing to be a helper gives you the temporary Helper title as well as a golden name. The brand-new Help Channel has also been added to the global chat channels, allowing players to ask for help and guidance from the City of Heroes community as needed. So go forth, enjoy the update, and know that help is just a "Help Me!" away!

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