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The Secret World readying seven years of content, new trailer released

Jef Reahard

Someone -- or something -- opened the news floodgates at The Secret World offices today, and apparently the stream was diverted directly to Eurogamer (with a tributary reaching IGN as well). There are several noteworthy pieces of info to pass along regarding Funcom's conspiracy-horror epic, starting with the fact that the Norwegian developer has already laid out seven years' worth of post-launch content updates. "We have actually begun not only design work but art work on content that's due after launch that has been planned from the get-go," game director Ragnar Tornquist tells Eurogamer.

Despite assuring GDC audiences that The Secret World "is not a console game, it's not a game that tries to be anything like that," Tornquist acknowledged that Funcom is considering options beyond the PC. While the PC version is still the current focus, he leaves open the possibility of a console port if TSW turns out to be a big success. "You really need to make a different game [for consoles]. How different that will be, it's hard to say," Tornquist explains.

Finally, IGN has gotten its hands on the newest trailer for The Secret World, and though the clip (titled Everything is True) manages to avoid showing much gameplay footage during its three-minute running time, it nonetheless delivers a considerable amount of atmosphere due a combination of effective editing, music, and titles. See for yourself after the cut.

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