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WoW Moviewatch: The Truth About Murlocs


When I first saw Truth About Murlocs, I was sitting on the couch working and my wife was sitting across the room from me. Within the first line of the song by DarkPippi, I pressed pause and asked her to join me. It took me exactly that long to know this video, with machinima by RavenSylphe, was going to be epic.

Truth About Murlocs is a parody of Rainbow Connection as performed by Kermit the Frog. The lyrics are clever and fun. The animation is simple and made up of in-game graphics, but they're perfectly suited to the song. The overall composition is fantastic, providing a few minutes of fun, Muppet-flavored nostalgia and WoW hijinks.

The only down side of the video is that the vocals are too quiet compared to the actual music track. That makes the lyrics tough to make out in places, and it definitely undervalues the spot-on Kermit impression.

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