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BioShock Infinite contest aims to get your name into the game


Remember Sinclair Spirits, seen above? It's an establishment in BioShock, named after Irrational Games staffer Scott Sinclair. Developers get to do that kind of thing all the time in their own games and now Irrational is opening up that opportunity to one fan in BioShock Infinite.

A missive on the developer's site details the opportunity, which will see the name of one lucky winner transformed into "the namesake of a building, a character, a business –- whatever our artists come up with" in BioShock Infinite. We imagine it'll be cool, unless what they come up with is "Poopy Bill Smith's Poop Emporium" or something like that. But, hey, the folks at Irrational are cool, so we wouldn't expect them to do that. We're like 90% sure. Okay, 80% absolutely sure. Alright, we'll just play it safe and say there's a 50/50 shot.

You can submit your name by hitting up this link here and dropping in the appropriate info. Best of luck!

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