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Disgaea 4 coming in September, dood


This fall, you can look forward to massive level numbers and dead souls turned into explosive penguins. That's right, Disgaea's coming back. NIS America announced that it's strategically launching Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten on PS3 this September. It's coming to Europe, too, with a less clearly-defined "fall" release window.

In addition to localizing the netherworld strategy game itself, NIS is also importing the naming contest used to market the Japanese release of the game. The "Come up with Dis-name-a" contest seeks new names for a sword, a skill and "a scantily-clad NPC." To see the objects in need of names, and hopefully to find inspiration, check them out here.

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Greetings dood!

Disgaea 4 is quickly approaching! We're happy to announce that the release for the U.S. version of Disgaea 4 will be September, 2011! Europe can expect a fall release for the PAL version of Disgaea 4!

On top of that we are starting our Come up with a "Dis-name-a" Contest where Disgaea fans can submit their entries for a chance at naming an in-game weapon, a special skill, and an actual game character! We would absolutely love it if you would promote this contest on your media outlet!

The official website is here: Official contest site is here:

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