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EVE Online Alliance Tournament IX experiments with new format, banning mechanic

Jef Reahard

June is just around the corner, and if you're an EVE Online fan, you probably know that the annual Alliance Tournament isn't far behind. This year's event looks to be bigger and badder than ever before, and it has a couple of new wrinkles to boot.

As Mindstar writes on the newest EVE dev blog, CCP used "a highly secret blend of player feedback, meeting room shenanigans, and just a dash of beer [to] come up with some new stuff that will spice things up a bit." The newness includes a format tweak that owes a bit of inspiration to FIFA World Cup (i.e., a 32-team group competition), and there's also a new banning mechanic that is sure to cause a few chuckles.

Prior to the start of each match, captains will have the option to disqualify a single pilot from the opposing group, and you can almost hear the evil cackling resounding in the CCP offices as Mindstar explains the details. Check them out on the official EVE website.

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