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EyeSee360's GoPano micro creates 360° panoramic iPhone 4 videos


Imagine shooting a video at a wedding with your iPhone 4. Later, as you're watching the video, you swipe across the screen and you can see everything that was going on -- the bride and groom repeating their vows, the faces of the people watching the ceremony, even the mom who took her noisy young child to the back of the room as to not interrupt the festivities.

That's the idea behind a funded Kickstarter project from EyeSee360. The company has developed an iPhone 4 case and detachable lens combo called the GoPano micro that makes 360° panoramic videos, and will also have apps available for viewing the video. The project already has over 1,100 backers, and will be funded on May 14, 2011, but if you want to be one of the first people to get a GoPano micro, you can still back the project.

The project sponsor, Michael Rondinelli, and his crew have created some compelling videos showing just how incredible the 360° videos are. There's a scene in one video (see next page) where an iPhone 4 is mounted on the hood of a car and driven down a street. Want to make your own Google Street View video? The GoPano micro will let you do just that.

Check out the video and head on over to the GoPano Kickstarter page for more info.

[via TiPB]

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