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Golf revises its rules to account for HDTV, DVR technology


You can watch the currently underway Masters Tournament this year in high definition and even 3D, but it will be a little harder to be a part of the action from your couch thanks to just-enacted rules by the United States Golf Association. Recently there have been multiple incidents of players being disqualified for not reporting breaches of the rules that were spotted and called out by viewers at home, equipped with HDTVs and DVRs able to detect minor infractions that might have otherwise been missed during play. Two examples specifically referenced are Padraig Harrington's disqualification at Abu Dhabi after his ball moved slightly when he replaced his marker (would be a penalty, but not a DQ now) and when Camilo Villegas moved a divot as his shot was rolling (still a DQ.) The rules are on the USGA website but you'll have to pardon us, we have some calls to make to David Stern about exactly how many steps you can take without dribbling the ball.

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