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Leaked Verizon Unleashed pricing sheets detail $50 unlimited talk / text plans

Darren Murph

Just in case you're still dissatisfied after taking a peek at one leaked Verizon screenshot today, well... here's numero dos. The folks at Droid-Life managed to get their paws on a couple of monochrome sheets that look more like VZW promotional material than anything else, and if Sprint's Simply Everything plan thought it had the whole market locked down, it might just have another thing coming. Best we can tell, the impending (?) 'Unleashed' pricing options will allow customers to choose a contract-free $50 / month unlimited calling and texting plan, with "Mobile Web" access thrown in as well for featurephones. 'Course, you'd have to pony up extra for legitimate data on a legitimate smartphone, but it's hardly a bad place to start -- particularly for those who are growing increasingly tired of locking themselves into two-year agreements. Hard to say if the carrier is planning to actually implement any of this, but why waste the intern's time mocking it up, right?

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