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Official WoW TCG War of the Elements card, loot information released


We've seen the leaks and the datamined information, but it's all official now -- Cryptozoic has released the WoW TCG card and loot information for the next expansion to the Worldbreaker set, War of the Elements.

War of the Elements comprises 80 common cards and 50 uncommon cards with 20 heroes, 60 rares, and 10 epics. The Epic Collection boxes of War of the Elements contain six booster packs, one playmat and deckbox, a collectible storage box, one loot card, a pocket guide, and five random foil War of the Elements heroes. You will always get at least one loot card in your Epic Collection.

Finally, Cryptozoic has also released the official loot list for War of the Elements. It will come as no surprise to you that the common loot card is Landro's Lichling, a remodeling of the Blizzard store's Lil' K.T. companion pet. The uncommon loot card is the War Party Hitching Post, allowing you to place down a hitching post for your groupmates to grab a special horse mount that lasts until you hop off. The rare loot card is the Savage Raptor ground mount, because really, who doesn't love raptors? All loot cards will be redeemable when patch 4.1 hits.

War of the Elements is releasing worldwide on April 26, 2011, and the Epic Collection box sets are available May 2011.

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