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Wizard101 offers many mounts for the masses

Are you wanting a super-cool mount in Wizard101 but finding yourself a little strapped for crowns when it comes to picking up a ride of your own? If so, we've got good news for you. There's a special "mount-a-polooza" sale going on in the Spiral right now, a sale that reduces mount prices up to 50% off the normal cost! Along with that, players will find that not only are all the regular rides in the store right now, but some old favorites have returned from their retired status along with a handful of all-new mounts!

According to our friends over at KingsIsle Entertainment, Wizard101 players can also look forward to a future update that will allow their mounts to wander around their houses, similar to how pets function now. Perhaps you could even pick up a sleek shark like the ones our friends from Ravenwood Radio are riding in the above screenshot! In the meantime, check out the roaming mount video (with a few surprises) behind the break, then head over to the Wizard101 site to snap up a stylish new ride of your very own.

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