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Woz interested in returning to Apple in an active role


While in Brighton, England attending a computer server conference, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, told a reporter he would be open to returning to Apple in a active role if Apple or Steve Jobs requested it. Currently, Wozniak is chief scientist of storage start-up Fusion-io, but he remains on Apple's payroll in an advisory role.

Apple has come a long way since the Apple I and Apple II, which Woz helped build alongside Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. When asked what he thought of Apple today, Wozniak said Apple was "Unbelievable. The products, one after another, quality and hits." However, Wozniak added that he thinks "Apple could be more open and not lose sales. I'm sure they're making the right decisions for the right reasons for Apple."

Tim Cook is currently the acting CEO of Apple, overseeing its day-to-day operations while Steve Jobs is on his third medical leave. There has been much speculation as to who would replace Steve Jobs should he step down from the CEO position, but it's unknown if those on Apple's board would consider Steve Wozniak a likely successor.

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