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More talk that the next Final Cut Pro will be the best thing since sliced bread


Okay, it's getting to the point now that the next Final Cut Pro better be the best thing ever invented because everyone who has played around with it seems to think it is.

The latest heap of praise comes from Mark Raudonis, head of post production at Bunim/Murray Productions. Raudonis talked about the upcoming "awesome" FCP at a FilmMarker Magazine pre-NAB panel discussion. While Raudonis didn't give away any new features, he did have the following to say about the new Final Cut Pro, including a quote from Henry Ford:

"I would also end with Henry Ford: 'If I asked people what they wanted, they'd tell me they wanted a faster horse.' So, Apple is very good at going their own way and figuring out where things will be. They may not ask you what you want. They are going to tell you, 'We're going to invent something different.' And that's kind of my take away from it. I was very impressed, it was awesome and look out, I believe they say it will be available in Spring 2011. So, that goes all the way up to June 20th. So, that's what I know, that's what I can say, and if there's anyone from Apple out there, I hope you don't sue me."

I've worked with my fair share of video editors over the years and if there's one truth about them it's that they are very picky people. If a current editing suite works for them, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. But reinventing the wheel seems to be exactly what Apple has done with this next Final Cut, and the fact that so many video editors are heaping extraordinary praise on it has me salivating just to get a glimpse of the next version of Apple's powerhouse video editing suite.

For those of you into editing, watch the entire video after the break. There's a lot of good talk about the future of video editing -- and some speculation on where Apple wants to lead it.

[via MacRumors]

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