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Adobe TV comes to iPad and iPhone


In the flurry of overnight news from Adobe around the pre-launch of CS5.5 and the iPad/Photoshop goodness to come, one official blog post slipped under the radar. While it's not necessarily pinned to CS5.5, it is fantastic news for anyone who uses Adobe's video training resources to learn the Creative Suite apps: Adobe TV is now iOS-friendly.

Considering the wealth of video classes, tips and how-tos loaded up on (much of it sourced from the excellent library), it's not surprising that the number one customer request has been to get playback access from the iPad and iPhone -- you can learn a lot about Photoshop on your lunch hour, if you've got the bandwidth.

What is a bit surprising is that Adobe chose to dodge the Flash-on-iOS flamewar and is putting this resource where the market wanted it to be. As Adobe's Bob Donion says, "There's no subtext related to Flash, which we continue to use to deliver our content onto Flash-supported devices. We believe in delivering our content to all platforms and devices that are meaningful to our audience."

Kudos to the Adobe TV team for getting its stream on for iOS; we're looking forward to filling our brains.

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