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Massively's Exclusive TERA screenshots: Pirates and BAMs

Jef Reahard

Massively's got a pair of new TERA exclusives coming your way this week, the first of which deals with both BAMs (En Masse Entertainment parlance for big-ass monsters) and pirates. With all due respect to the ninja fans in the audience, pirates reign supreme, particularly the Arborean pirates on display in our new screenshots. These cultured gents are representatives of the Red Lash and are composed mainly of Castanic rogues that do the bidding of their Gula overseers.

That's right, the BAMs are running the show, as the cutthroat and corpulent Gulas currently direct the buccaneers that make up the rank and file of the Red Lash.

Head past the cut for some pirate and BAM-flavored lore, and don't forget to check out the four exclusive new screens in our gallery below.

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Red Lash Pirates and Gulas

Deep inside the Pirate Grotto lurk the Red Lash pirates. Red Lash buccaneers and swashbucklers, largely made up of Castanic castoffs and Devan exiles, bear the mark of the brotherhood and wield their quick blades in the service of their masters. Pitiless and brutal, the Red Lash buccaneers and swashbucklers are valued assets of their Gula overseers; plundering the coast of Ostgarath isn't easy, and the Gulas need zealous fighters.

The Red Lash pirates are feared for their ferocity, and rightly so, but it's their cunning schemes that make sailors and traders tremble.

While a myriad of creatures and races make up the Red Lash pirates, one group wields true power in the organization -- the Gulas. Corpulent and covetous, the Gulas direct troops of minions, and occasionally provide the heavy muscle. Gulas are ravenous eaters with rarified appetites. They openly eat the meat of sentients, and select slaves to satisfy their need for gold and their craving for flesh.

Gula plans take the long view. It's not uncommon for an angry Gula to wait years before exacting vengeance -- a fact more than one enemy who has humiliated the Red Lash pirates knows all too well.

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