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Nintendo 3DS sales affected by iPod touch and iPad, says IHS iSuppli


Nintendo recently launched the 3DS, and the portable gaming device is selling strongly. Despite this burst of early sales, IHS iSuppli predicts the 3DS will not reach the high sales numbers of its predecessor, the Nintendo DS. iSuppli predicts Nintendo will sell 70 million 3DS gaming systems by 2015, a figure that is 21 million less than the 91 million in sales racked up by the original DS at the same point in its sales cycle.

The DS was developed and debuted during the non-Apple years when the iPhone and iPod touch were still on the drawing boards within Apple's Cupertino campus. The DS climbed rapidly to the top of the portable gaming market and remained in that position for years. Even the PlayStation Portable could not dethrone the DS from its throne as king of the portable gaming devices.

The 3DS, according to iSuppli, is launching in a market that is increasingly losing market share to Apple's iOS devices and Android smartphones. Folks carrying an iPhone have access to a plethora of iOS games and do not need a dedicated gaming device. The 3DS includes several notable features, including 3D graphics effects, camera, video support and always-on Wi-Fi connectivity, but these features are not compelling enough for the average user to give up their iOS device and pick up a 3DS.

Any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch gamers care to chime in and let us know if you intend to buy a 3DS? Or does your iOS device meet all of your portable gaming needs?

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