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WoW Moviewatch: The Fall of Cairne


Depending on how much you know about Horde lore, you may believe that Cairne was killed in cold blood by the evil despot Garrosh. Or you may believe the up-and-coming Garrosh was cruelly betrayed by a Horde member and framed for the murder of the gentle tauren leader.

This video sheds some interesting light on The Fall of Cairne. It sticks relatively close to the lore of the game, and it does a good job of presenting "the other side of the story."

There are two things that hold back my unmitigated love of this video. First, the vocals seem a little tinny in places. This is a challenge a lot of dialogue-driven movies have, since it can be hard to get audio compression just right. Second, the storyline feels a little decompressed; there are a few reaction and framing shots that could be a little shorter.

I adore this choice of topic, though, and I hope to see Captlightning keep going.

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