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Survey illustrates iPad's effect on PC market

Dana Franklin

A recent survey by Google-owned AdMob found many consumers are spending more time on their tablets and less time sitting at their personal computers, using their smartphones, watching television, listening to the radio or reading paper books. The survey highlights the rapidly shifting habits of customers in a tablet market that AdMob expects will reach 165 million devices over the next two years.

Among the 1,430 tablet owners who participated in the survey, 77 percent admitted to spending less time with their personal computers after buying a tablet, 43 percent said they now use their tablets more than their personal computers, and 28 percent claimed to use a tablet as their primary computer. Most tablet users, 68 percent, spent at least one hour each day with the device, primarily for playing games (84 percent), searching for information (78 percent) or email correspondence (74 percent).

The survey results didn't reveal any future buying decisions, but these new usage patterns may suggest a near future in which consumers spend less time and money on notebook and desktop computers. Are you spending less time at your personal computer since getting an iPad or other tablet device? Will it make you less likely to buy a notebook or desktop machine in the future? Let us know in the comments.

[via BGR]

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