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World of Tanks rolls on to release day

Jef Reahard

How's about we strap ourselves inside 60 tons of steel, form up with a company of like-minded comrades, and steam-roll those unfortunate chaps rolling along in the enemy tank brigade on the other side of the map? If you answered hooaahh, World of Tanks is probably an MMO that you'll want to check out (and even if you didn't, the game is free-to-play, so you've got nothing to lose).

So grab your buddies, your extra ammo, and a cup of that engine degreaser that passes for coffee and avail yourself of video tutorials, interviews with Victor Kislyi, and clan wars discussions -- all courtesy of the best World of Tanks coverage on the web. That's right, release day for's action/strategy MMO is finally here, and Massively's got your mission-critical intel briefing just after the cut.

World of Tanks announces beta stats
In a press release dated this morning, the company said that approximately 700,000 tank drivers took part in the year-long beta testing throughout Europe and North America, and those 700,000 players participated in 5.6 million battles.
WoT pre-orders come with a toy tank
Until April 12th, players have the opportunity to shell out for one of three pre-order packages to get a good discount on the cost of gold (around 10%) as well as snag a unique tank that comes with special abilities.
World of Tanks clan wars sign ups begin
The Clan Wars action takes place on a global map that is divided into several provinces. Each province features its own particular revenue stream, and intends for hundreds of clans to duke it out for territorial control rights.
Victor Kislyi tells talks clan wars, strategy
Not only does Kislyi play his own game, but he plays (and discusses) it with such passion that you can't help but root for the scrappy title and the team from Belarus that is bringing it to life.
WoT's fourth tutorial video tutorial discusses grouping
The default game mode in World of Tanks is called random battle mode, and just like the name suggests, it throws together random players on one of the game's extensive battle maps. Players can opt to join the fray solo, or form up into platoons or companies.
WoT's third tutorial video discusses progression
As each World of Tanks battle comes to a close, the game presents your personal achievements in the form of tanks destroyed, vehicles damaged, and vehicles spotted. These numbers are used to calculate your experience and credit gains, which in turn go toward researching modules and upgrading armor.
WoT's second tutorial video talks engagement
The step-by-step instructions will teach you how to read the mini-map, target enemies at specific ranges, lock on targets for close ranged battles, and maneuvering your monstrous vehicle.
WoT's new video tutorial kicks off with the basics
The first entry in the ongoing series introduces the level system, upgrade options, crew training, and economic aspects of the armor-based action MMO, and it is aimed at newbs who might otherwise be unsure of how to proceed at the controls of a World War II-era tank.
World of Tanks recruits Vivox for voice
What's a military action game without angry squad leaders, four-letter words, and locker room camaraderie, amirite? In service of those ideals, and a few that are more family-friendly, announces the arrival of integrated voice chat in its World of Tanks action MMO.
World of Tanks reaches half million players
"It's just the beginning of a global legend. We see this game running for at least ten years in the West and Asia with tons of new content coming out every month," says CEO Victor Kislyi.

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