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Put your thoughts on marriage into a Catherine trailer


Atlus is giving fans the opportunity to participate in a Catherine trailer, which will then be used to market the game to ... well, those same fans, really. The publisher is soliciting video responses to the following three questions:
  1. Do you ever want to get married?
  2. If so, to the person you're with now?
  3. If not, why?
Some of those video responses will be put into a new trailer, similar to this one made in advance of the Japanese release. "We'll likely cut something that is similar in structure to the Japanese trailer," Atlus PR and sales manager (and, now, Catherine pre-trailer star) Aram Jabbari told Joystiq, "although sans a film crew roaming the streets of a city."

The goal of the questions, he said, "is just to get people thinking about and talking about their relationships." If some of those relationships happen to come to an untimely end as a result of unwise, broadcasted responses ... well, that's more time for your newly-single self to play through Catherine. For more information, check out the video after the break and the rules on the YouTube page.

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