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Vindictus is making a Titanic Shift!


The team at Nexon practiced the Galactic Empire's way of handling situations when devising the next upgrades to its action-MMO Vindictus: Make it bigger!

The creators promised on their website today that Titan would be the biggest raid boss to hit the free-to-play MMO. "Only the bravest and strongest mercenaries will come out victorious," claim the developers in the announcement. This colossal boss can easily smash the bones of anyone who opposes him. Then, the creators ask if you will be the first to escape Resenlian's gigantic labyrinth. An evil alchemist filled the tunnels with gruesome creatures, and until now, no mercenary has ever escaped it. Next, Evie's staff has grown larger... in stats, that is. The new functionality of her staff allows her to perform better as a caster. Lastly, the docking system is wider. The devs have heard your pleas; they are revamping the docking system so that you may access more docks at one time. This means less wait-time assembling a party.

This Titanic Shift patch goes live on April 20th! Hop over to the official website for more super-huge (OK -- I'm running out of words for big) information about this update.

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