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XBLA in Brief: Yar's Revenge


This week on XBLA in Brief, we take a look at the reboot of the Atari 2600 title, Yar's Revenge. Suffice it to say that Yar's Revenge has less to do with the original and much more to do with games like Panzer Dragoon and Sin & Punishment. In other words, it's a brightly colored, anime-inspired, on-rails shooter.

Lock your cursor on the "continued" button and guide yourself past the break to watch the latest episode and see if Yar's Revenge is for you. Also, for those of you looking for Clash of Heroes HD, rest easy. We'll have a full review soon.

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There are new Xbox Live Arcade games released every week. We realize that our readers are busy, attractive people, and may not have time to download and examine each and every new XBLA game. You've got busy, attractive person stuff to do, after all. Not to worry though, because we've done the work for you, downloading every single trial game and giving you a taste of what to expect. Watch XBLA in Brief every week to see which games deserve a closer look. When you have the time, of course.

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