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Cryptic is offering relief from tax-time woes


Cryptic, the maker of your favorite MMO Star Trek Online and the infamous Champions Online, has decided that this year's tax refund is insufficient. In the interest of giving you some relief, Cryptic is offering a 20%-off-everything sale on the C-Store items for STO and CO, meaning everything from now until Monday, April 18 at 1 p.m. EDT will cost 20% fewer Atari tokens. Those Elemental A-Symmetry Tights you have been staring at can now be yours for 380 tokens, and don't forget The Original Series bundle for your Star Trek Online ship and crew -- that only costs 1400 Atari tokens. For those looking to finally make a commitment to either or both of these games, this Tax Relief sale includes life-time subscriptions for Star Trek Online and life-time gold memberships for Champions.

To find out where you can spend more of your tax refund -- or tomorrow's paycheck -- glide on over to the C-Store before 1 p.m. on Monday -- ooh! A Bajoran Militia costume pack!

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