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El Shaddai demo ascends to Japanese PSN and XBLM


Would you like to experience Ignition's visually stunning action game, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, before its still-undated Western release? It's okay. No problem. Just sign into that Japanese PSN account you made for the Catherine demo, and you'll find a shiny new El Shaddai demo waiting for you in the PlayStation Store. Andriasang reports that it's on Xbox Live as well, for Gold members only through April 20.

In a tweet, Ignition suggested that the demo "won't be up for long." So, unless you have the time-traveling abilities of Lucifel, you should get on it right now. Unfortunately, you can't use your Japanese PSN account to access the "pop-up" El Shaddai cafe in Tokyo.

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