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Inaugural STO Podcast Summit announced


Star Trek Online has always been known for generating unwavering support from its community of gamers. Whether identifying as trekkers, trekkies, casuals or hardcore gamers, players are extremely dedicated, including yours truly. Alongside the numerous fan sites that have been created, there is a select group of individuals out there who have gone beyond the call of duty and put out weekly podcasts.

This Sunday, April 17th, the STO podcasting community will come together for the inaugural STO Podcast Summit. Join Red Shirt Army, STOked, Priority One, Podcast UGC and Hailing Frequency as they broadcast live at from 6 p.m. EDT to 8 p.m. EDT. If you miss the livestream, have no fear -- the show will be posted in mp3 format on each of the podcasts' individual websites. We are also told that there may be even some surprise guests who drop by, including Cryptic developers.

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