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Joystiq Podcast recording live here at 3:30PM ET

We're sorry.

What else do you want us to say? It's not like we didn't want to podcast your faces off last week; we couldn't! Both Justin and I, ravaged by illness, couldn't summon the vocal fortitude to do what needed to be done. Even this week, we hang on for dear life. Will we survive another 90 minutes of thrilling video game commentary? Who can say, listener ...

If you're the rubber-necking type, listen live after the break. Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll hear someone dying live! (We're not sure what it sounds like either.) If you're not at home and have instead ventured into the germ-filled region we call "outside" then we implore you to listen with the Ustream app on your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or Android phone. Also, we implore you to get home immediately. Germs!

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