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Streets of Rage 2 now on iOS App Store for $2.99

Are you still heartbroken about the recent evisceration of the massively expanded, eight-years-in-the-making, PC freeware remake of Streets of Rage? Sega's got something of a consolation prize for you, provided you're in possession of an iPhone or iPod Touch: Streets of Rage 2 is now available on the App Store for $2.99.

Sure, it's not as ridiculously bolstered with new features as the obliterated remake, however, it does feature Bluetooth multiplayer functionality, as well as the original Japanese version of the game (titled Bare Knuckle II). Also, it has the distinct advantage of being an actual thing released by Sega, making the probability of it being blinked out of existence by Sega very, very slim.

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