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The Engadget Podcast, live at 5:00PM ET!

Darren Murph

For those of you who religiously start your weekends on Thursday, we salute you. But in the effort of keeping you in the loop, we're asking you to delay your impending veg-out session to have a listen to this week's Engadget Podcast. Tim, Darren, Myriam and Sir Vlad himself are on deck, ready and willing to guide you through this week's gauntlet. Tales of life, love and consumer electronics await, so grab a cold one and join us after the break, won't you?

P.S. - If you're on the move but don't want to miss out on the live banter, Ustream has mobile clients for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Update: And we're done! Check back tomorrow if you missed out.

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