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Webzen readying Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Episode 2, preview server

Jef Reahard

New content is on the way for fans of Soul of the Ultimate Nation, and Webzen has just announced the impending release of a global trial server for the game's Episode 2 patch. The new shard will go live on April 28th, and it aims to give players a preview as well as collect feedback prior to the patch's official release.

Episode 2 brings major changes to the game including a new leveling system, itemization changes, and new quests. Webzen's press release states that the revamp should "please various gamers with its simple yet strategic gameplay."

In addition to the leveling adjustments, Episode 2 introduces the custom passives system whereby players may tweak their avatars' abilities via customizable buffs. The mechanic is intended to encourage grouping between new and old players, and the resultant buffs will stay active as long as the party remains intact. Head to the official Soul of the Ultimate Nation website for more info.

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