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Final Fantasy XIV egging players on with a lore-filled new holiday event

Eliot Lefebvre

Patch 1.17 is awash in rumors. The world of Eorzea is filled with rumors of returning Archons, war with the Empire, the formation of the Grand Companies, and unsettling aggression from wildlife. Amidst all of the chaos, Final Fantasy XIV players are going to see the first pass of the new Easter-themed holiday, which ties directly into the aforementioned rumors -- the eggs being distributed across Eorzea are the work of one woman who is absolutely certain that the Archons are returning, and she's spreading the word through decorated avian embryos.

After a vision of the Archons descending from the sky on the back of colored eggs, Jihli Aliapoh took it upon herself to preach gospel and distribute painted eggs to help spread awareness. Of course, there are rumors that she's handing out the eggs for more material purposes... but for players, it means a chance to get holiday-themed hats, and isn't that the important part? Final Fantasy XIV players should read the full lore rundown and start taking part in the egg festivities, which run until May 9th.

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