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Guild Wars 2's Johanson: MMO class trinity is "tired"

Jef Reahard

Have you ever wondered where all the hype comes from regarding Guild Wars 2? Sure, the original game was a financial success, and the sequel has NCsoft's considerable financial muscle behind it. When you get right down to it, though, ArenaNet is a company with one game to its credit, yet the firm still has the courage to openly challenge Blizzard as well as the rest of the crowded MMO market. In a new interview at Eurogamer, lead content designer Colin Johanson says ANet's success and confidence largely stem from a culture of creative fearlessness.

How does this attitude translate into a next-gen MMO? Johanson says the best example is the dev team's willingness to scrap one of the themepark MMO genre's sacred cows: the holy trinity. "We're basically saying, listen, this as a core game mechanic is tired, we can do something better, we can do something more interesting than this," Johanson explains.

The interview also touches on ArenaNet's release-it-when-it's-done mantra, and Johanson elaborates on why Guild Wars 2 has been so long in the making. "We're going to do all of this, we're going to make this the game that offers something for everybody, and we're going to get that right, and if it takes us a little longer to do that, the trade-off is totally worthwhile," he said. Head to Eurogamer for the full report.

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