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Picaroon polishing beta 'questorials'

Jef Reahard

Picaroon's beta phase is sailing merrily along, and Nice Technology is talking up a few of the MMORTS's features in a new press release. The newbie experience is fresh on the minds of beta testers and developers, and Nice producer Toby Simpson says that the company has come up with "questorials" that are organized into mission groups to effectively communicate the game's basics while avoiding the dreaded need for players to spend time reading a manual.

"We know that documentation is the very last thing that anyone reads," Simpson explains, noting that Nice has recently added PvE pirate battle questorials to introduce the game's combat.

Picaroon's beta is also gearing up to release new content in the form of a new building called the Technology Centre. In a nutshell, the Centre offers new strategies for defending islands (courtesy of an orbital laser cannon satellite) as well as a new game mode called persistent Picaroon. Head to the official website for more details.

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