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Portal 2 unlocking early -- if you play the Potato Sack games long enough


If you thought the Portal 2 countdown clock would lead to an early release of the game, you were right about the concept, but maybe your timeline was a bit off. The countdown, upon elapsing, opened a site for "GLaDOS@Home," which claims to need your computational cycles to facilitate an early release of Portal 2.

Functionally, that means "the more time people spend playing the Potato Sack games, the sooner before its April 19 release date Portal 2 will come out." Don't have the Potato Sack -- a collection of 13 indie games, recently updated with Portal-themed content -- yet? Get it here for $38.65, And think of it this way -- you cleared your weekend to play Portal, so now you have time for these other 13 games.

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