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Registration opens for PAX Prime

Eliot Lefebvre

PAX East 2011 was more than a month ago, more than enough time for the event to have faded into memory even if you were lucky enough to attend. But that's only one part of the PAX conventions, with PAX Prime on deck for August 26th through the 28th. Registration for the Seattle convention has just opened to everyone, allowing gamers of all ages a chance to gather for news and events in the northwest.

As per previous events, attendees can register for all three days at a discount rate or for an individual day pass. (Also per previous events, Saturday is likely to be the most active day of the weekend.) It's worth noting that PAX Prime is a very popular convention, so if you're planning on making the trek, registering sooner rather than later is probably a good idea. And going is probably a good idea, if you're able, as the convention traditionally holds a number of demos, events, announcements, and of course, free-range Massively staffers.

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