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Google: "Whenever iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds."


In a somewhat parasitic admittance of being a team player, Google's Asia-Pacific president Daniel Alegre said that Google wants the iPhone to keep growing, because Apple's device is delivering so much mobile search traffic their way. "Whenever iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds," Alegre told AdNews. "I actually don't look at it as iPhone versus Android. iPhone is a very strong driver of query growth for Google. We also monetize apps through the iPhone ... we actually benefit from iPhone's growth."

While it's no surprise that Google benefits from iPhone usage, as its search engine is the default one on the iPhone, it's refreshing to hear Google admit that the iPhone helps them. But before you start to believe that Google has only good wishes for Apple's or any other manufacturer's phones, Alegre does admit that Google believes having too many mobile OSes is bad for development. "We truly believe there has to be as few platforms as possible in order for apps developers to focus their development," he said.

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