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Intubation bot lets doctors safely shove tubes down unconscious human throats


We've seen all manner of medical robots 'round these parts, from bloodbots to surgical cyborgs. And now Dr. Thomas M. Hemmerling from McGill University Health Centre (who also helped develop the McSleepy anesthetic android) has created the world's first intubation robot. Called the Kepler Intubation System (KIS), it's a robotic arm with a video laryngoscope that's controlled via joystick -- allowing MDs to get their Dr. Mario on while sliding an endotracheal tube into any passed-out meatbag with minimal fuss and maximum safety. The first procedure using the device on a real, live human was a success, and clinical testing continues. We're not big on bots shoving anything anywhere (even if it does help us breathe while under the knife), but that's better than android appendages lobbing grenades our way.

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