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New producer's letter for Ultima Online hints at future updates and an end to sobriety

Eliot Lefebvre

For all that Ultima Online allows player freedoms, it's always had certain lacking features. As far back as the game's launch, you could run up and rob someone blind, but you've always been unable to do so while inebriated. But fear not -- as part of the project to revitalize Magincia, the distillery is being introduced, allowing players the freedom to brew and distribute all the joys that liquor can bring. It's only a small note as part of the overall producer's letter for the game, but it's still noteworthy.

There's a lot else in the letter, however, including planned upgrades to the Enhanced Client and a number of story arcs set to begin in June. The restoration of Magincia is also ongoing, and while the distillery is one of the new additions, there are also new gardening additions and enhancements set to make unused land more vibrant. Ultima Online players can check out the full letter for a rundown of features in the pipe and on the horizon.

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