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THQ registers domains for 'Metro 2033 Last Light'


The in-development sequel to Metro 2033 might not be called "Metro 2034," as we'd previously heard. Superannuation has found some domain registrations by THQ referring to something called "Metro 2033 Last Light."

Though THQ does have a predilection toward "transmedia" adaptations of its game properties (and the Metro one, of course, is already adapted from the books), it seems safe to guess this title is being used for a game, since one of the registrations is "" The others include and

It seems most likely that the "Metro 2033 Last Light" title refers to the sequel, but there are other possibilities. Perhaps THQ is planning to use it for a downloadable Metro companion game on the order of Red Faction: Battlegrounds -- hopefully not one exactly like Red Faction: Battlegrounds.

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