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Ask the Devs round 6 open for your guild advancement questions


Ask the Devs has been a pretty good look into the development process and future of feature development in World of Warcraft. Round 6 is going to focus on guild advancement and, presumably, the future of the guild leveling system now that guilds are at the cap. You can submit your own guild advancement questions in the Ask the Devs thread. Currently, the only available thread is for EU players, with a US thread opening soon.

I know what my question about guild advancement is: Is the guild reputation cap too low? I always feel like after I reach the cap (very quickly through raiding) that there is no reason for me to continue doing dailies or other guild reputation activities when I just don't earn any reputation. After honored or revered, can we get the cap removed, much like when guilds hit level 23, their guild experience caps are removed?

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Blizzard's full announcement after the break.

Ask the Devs Round 6 --
Welcome to the World of Warcraft Developer Global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Q&A Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

Status: QUESTIONS. Ask yours now.

Here's how this works:

  • Starting at the time this thread is made you can post your World of Warcraft question for the developers.
  • Around 9:30 Tuesday Morning we're going to reply saying no more questions will be taken, and any questions beyond that point will be ignored.
  • Should the thread hit the cap (500 posts), no more questions will be allowed.
  • We'll then ask you to use the thumbs-up button to vote for any questions you'd like to see answered. (Please only vote on questions submitted before the cutoff time.)
  • Around 17:00 on Tuesday, we'll lock the thread, meaning no more votes will be possible.
  • We'll pick out posts with the most votes, collect them with questions from the other regions, and get answers to be posted the following week.
  • This process will continue on, with a new question thread going up (weather permitting) and the answers to the previous questions being posted shortly thereafter.


  • Only one question per post.
  • If your question is answered your character name will be displayed alongside the question.
  • Discussion posts are not allowed! If you don't have a question for our developers, you should not post in this thread.
  • Once the "no more questions" post is made, please refrain from making additional posts and only vote for your favorite questions.
  • You can vote for questions at any time while the thread is unlocked.
  • A highly rated post does not mean it will be answered, but we'll do our best to answer as many questions as possible.
  • Down votes don't count.


  • Don't post or vote for questions you know we won't answer. We're not going to use these Q&As to announce new features, expansions, or release dates, etc. By the same token, we're not going to answer questions that touch on subjects outside of the game and its design.
  • Stay on topic! We're asking for questions regarding a specific topic, if your question isn't on that topic it'll probably be down-voted to obscurity by other posters, and more than likely deleted by us.
  • Keep your question concise. One to three sentences should be plenty to explain background and ask a question.
  • Vote for any and all questions you would like to see answered.
  • All votes count. While you can't see vote #'s, we can. Even if a post is highly rated, your vote still means something to that question (potentially) being answered.

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