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Guild Wars 2 Charr week begins with starting area design

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you're one of those looking forward to playing a Charr in Guild Wars 2, this is your week. ArenaNet is focusing on the Charr for the next five days, beginning in the most logical place: the Charr starting area.

Content designer Devon Carver gives his take on the creation of this zone in today's ArenaNet blog post: "First impressions are lasting impressions, and the first area you'll encounter as a new Charr player is the Village of Smokestead. We know that it has to be reflective of who the Charr are and that it has to set the stage for the Charr perspective on life."

Carver goes on to cover many details of the area both big and small -- everything from the overall layout of the village to the problem of how to feed the citizens every day. You can check out the full entry at the ArenaNet blog.

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