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Nintendo Wii listed for $170 at all major US retailers


Well folks, it's not quite May 15 just yet, but it seems that big box retailers have already begun offering discounts on the Nintendo Wii, dropping the price from $200 to $170. It's not exactly a full-on, official price drop -- not yet, at least -- but it certainly looks like one is imminently approaching.

As indicated last week by a leak at Target and corroborated by listings on the websites of GameStop, Toys 'R Us, and Best Buy, various versions of the Nintendo Wii console bundle are being offered for $170 as of today. Best Buy even got in on the action a bit early over this past weekend. However, if what we've heard about an official price drop in mid-May for the Nintendo Wii is true, then you may just want to wait another few weeks and save yourself a full $50.

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