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Rage pre-orders upgraded to 'Anarchy Edition,' four in-game items offered


Rather than tying exclusive Rage pre-order bonuses to a single retailer, Bethesda has decided to give the same free virtual goods to those who buy from one of several popular stores, saving us from the heartache (or rage) of having to choose our freebie.

Pre-orders of the game from GameStop, Amazon, Steam, and Direct2Drive, the company announced, will be given a free bump to the "Anarchy Edition," which includes four bonus items: the Double Barrel Shotgun, the Crimson Elite Armor, the Fists of RAGE (with "RAGE" here apparently translating to "pointy knuckles"), and the Rat Rod Buggy. Everything you need to get properly dressed for a night out on the (ruins of) town.

If all this Rage talk has you getting a little angry that you can't see the game right now, you're in luck! Gameplay footage is waiting for you just past the break, idling in its Rad Rod Buggy. Actually, it's just sitting in a window, but whatever. And actually, the pre-order items aren't featured.

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