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Minecraft beta 1.5 released, our day gets even busier

We were worried that we wouldn't be able to find the time to dip our toes into today's beefy new release catalog -- now those worries have been abated, as we're one hundred percent certain we won't have the time. See, in addition to Portal Kombat, today also brings us the launch of Minecraft beta 1.5, an update which adds weather effects, statistics, achievements and some new minecart track pieces to the rapidly expanding title.

We'll try to get a few spare hours to scope out all the new arrivals, but between all the fatalities and ro-bro-mancing, it's going to be a stretch. Is there any chance we can expand today, so that it lasts, like, 28 hours? Using black holes, maybe? We're not sure, but we're totally going to need to consult some science-folks.

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