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Sony Photo Movie Creator app builds video collages, vacation slide enthusiasts applaud

Brad Molen

Nothing brings back the memories of your wedding, family reunion, or Bar Mitzvah quite like a sappy four-minute slideshow video with the soothing sound of John Mayer over it. Thanks to Sony, Android and iOS devices are on the receiving end of a new video app that will let us capture these cheesy memories easier than ever. Dubbed Photo Movie Creator, this app grabs your desired photos plus music, and then cranks out a cute little movie using one of the 18 preloaded themes. What's more, you can then share your slideshows on Facebook, as we're sure your friends would absolutely adore every precious moment as you do. Head over to the Android market now for this $2.49 app (free trial available), or you can wait for the iOS version due May. Demo video after the break.

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