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Another World 15th Anniversary on sale at GOG for $4


What better way to wait for the iOS release of Another World (or, as the more American among you may know it, Out of this World) than by playing Another World?

The beautifully remastered 15th Anniversary edition of Eric Chahi's cinematic side-scroller is available from GOG right now for $3.99 as part of a 24-hour sale. It'll return to its normal $10 price tomorrow at 6AM EDT.

This sale is a "GOG Gems" promotion -- the retailer offers a deep discount on a catalog item every third Wednesday, with the stated effort of introducing players to classics they may not have played yet. GOG refers to it as a "curated promo."

Oh, and while you've got your credit card out -- Star Control 1 and 2 are on GOG in a $6 bundle. If you've never played either, then you're missing out on not only a great strategic experience, but awesome spaceship combat as well.

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