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Ask Engadget HD: I need a new HDTV


Sure, sometimes our queries are incredibly specific, super high end or relate to a deeper need for a comfortable home life, but sometimes a guy just needs a new TV. This is the case for our friend Jared, but we'll let him spill the details:
My TV just died. It was a 50 inch Vizio Plasma unit. I've been looking for a new one and I'm having a hard time choosing which type to go with. I mainly play video games (Xbox and Playstation) and I watch a lot of sports with some Netflix streaming in there as well. So which type of HDTV is best for those things? LCD or LED or Plasma?
There you go, Jared is a simple man with simple needs. We don't know specifically what size or price range he's targeting but let's assume he wants to stay in the same range as his old TV. Let us know in the comments below which model you'd suggest to someone just looking to pick up a TV quickly, probably without scanning the luminance, contrast and motion detail of every display on the shelf.

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