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Japanese newspaper reports Apple picked Toshiba as sole LCD supplier


A Japanese newspaper report suggests Apple has chosen Toshiba as the sole supplier of its LCD displays for the iPhone. Earlier this year, a circulating rumor suggested Apple had invested US$1.2 billion in a Sharp-owned LCD production plant. The plant would go online in 2012 and provide Apple with an near-exhaustive supply of displays for its mobile devices. This latest report from Japan claims Apple has backed out of this venture, possibly due to an earthquake related disruption in Sharp's production.

Instead of Sharp, Apple has reportedly turned to Toshiba for its LCD displays. An earlier rumor suggested Apple was also investing US$1 billion in a Toshiba-owned LCD plant, but Toshiba later denied the rumor.

Sharp denies this current rumor claiming the Japanese report "contradicts the facts." One thing is for sure -- Apple has a large paper trail of money that is difficult follow as it secures an ample source of components to meet the growing demand for its mobile products.

[Via AppleInsider]

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