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Minuscule PicoHD5.1 media player looks like a card reader, acts like a media streamer

Darren Murph

What if your media streamer was as small as your media card reader? What if your list of "what ifs" shrunk by one this evening? And what if, by chance, said media streamer shipped with a remote nearly double the size of the product itself? We'll confess, it'd be a weird, weird situation, but it's one that you can actually experience for yourself if you're cool with handing over £49.99 ($82). The bantam PicoHD5.1 packs a lot of oomph into a pocket-sized device; on one side, there's room for a USB hard drive, thumb drive or SD card. On the reverse, you'll find HDMI / component outputs capable of piping whatever media you just plugged in onto your television or monitor. There's even support for 5.1 channel surround sound, and we're told that it's encased in aluminum -- you know, for those inevitable bumps and bruises. Is the "smallest HD multichannel media player" truly as spectacular as it sounds? Hard to say from afar, but hey, that's what 60 day money-back guarantees are for... right?

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