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Smurfs Dance Party invites you to smurf that booty


When you envisioned the Smurfs movie tie-in games, you might not have pictured a dance floor beneath the diminutive blue folk. Ubisoft has received a classification for Smurfs Dance Party from the Australian Classification Review Board, giving a clear indication of the direction that at least one of the games will take. Smurfs Dance Party also appears as a Wii title on game rental service GameFly, which only lists items as they are submitted by publishers.

If history is any indication, Smurfs Dance Party will be modeled after Ubisoft's mega-successful Just Dance series. It was recently announced that Just Dance spin-off Michael Jackson: The Experience reached 3 million sales globally. Ubisoft has yet to depart from the Just Dance formula with its rhythm titles, so we expect to gyrate and smurf along with the Smurfs later this year.

[Note: The image above is not a real screenshot, no matter how much you want it to be.]

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